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General backgound information on RFID Technology

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Passive tags are powered and read at short ranges (a few meters) via magnetic fields (electromagnetic induction) and collect energy from the interrogating EM field, and then act as a passive transponder to emit microwaves or UHF radio waves (i.e., electromagnetic radiation at high frequencies). Unlike a bar code, the tag does not necessarily need to be within line of sight of the reader, and may be embedded in the tracked object.

RFID systems can be used just about anywhere, from clothing tags to missiles to pet tags to food. Anywhere that a unique identification system is needed. The tag can carry information as simple as a pet owners name and address or the cleaning instruction on a sweater to as complex as instructions on how to assemble a car.

Some auto manufacturers use RFID systems to move cars through an assembly line. At each successive stage of production the FRID tag tells the computers what the next step of automated assembly is. One of the key differences between RFID and bar code technology is that RFID eliminates the need for line-on-sight reading that bar coding depends on.

We have recently developed a Herd Management system called HerdWise running on a Windows platform that integrate seamlessly with a Smart RFID Scanner, capable of reading the implanted RFID tag. The scannner has scanner software, written by ourselves, which can capture Milk Production, Animal Weight, Medication and Immunization Administrations, New Animal Registrations by Camp, Animal Temperature, Gestation events, Dehorning procedures and much more. The data is then uploaded to the Herd Management system, which can produce a variety of reports and graphs.

We introduced the RFID technology in 2001 to the Land Bank of South Africa for identification and control of livestock. The system we developed was mostly dependent on a manual operation, but has evolved into a fully automatic on line asset management and control system. The system captures microchip barcode information into a central database linked to a farmer that aquired a Land Bank loan.

Generic ID is a company that has the knowledge, know-how and technical expertise to supply the broader farming community with an affordable RFID microchip tagging solution for effective asset management and safeguarding of animal livestock. We supply all the necessary equipment and components to enable anyone with basic knowledge to do animal chip implants. See the instructional video below.  Any owner of animals that uses our microchips is registered on a central database. We have developed a SMS owner verification system. whereby by the ownership of a particular microchip tag can be verified by sending the microchip number via SMS to a Shortcode (ID microchipno to 35075).

This website can also be used for owner verification under the Verify Owner page. No login is required.

Watch these short videos to show how microchips are implanted and read afterwards

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